Saturday, 12 July 2014

                                              DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE ARE????

This month we decided to take sections of some random pictures and see if you can guess what they might possibly be. There is no particular rhyme or reason to the photos and some are quite strange. So....see how you do. We have included the entire picture at the end of the blog with an explanation, if needed. Let us know of some of your more humorous or interesting guesses.








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We've had a major change in our mission. Our good friends and neighbors, the Shulz's, have finished their 3 years and returned home. We now have a new mission president, so we have included a few farewell/welcome pictures......and also a few random shots.

Elder & Sister Ivie, Sister J. & Pres. & Sister Shulz at a very cool outdoor our farewell dinner.

Pres. & Sister Shulz's feeble attempt at flying home. Actually, it's the traditional jump off the temple steps prior to going home.

Our brand new "fearless leaders", President and Sister Stevenson as they say goodbye to their very first missionary to return home, Elder Mthalane from South Africa.

They arrived in Ghana from Portland, OR on the 28th of June and the Shulz's left on the 30th.

We are very sad to see the Shulz's leave, but also very blessed to have the Stevenson's here.

 President and Sister Stevenson experiencing their first Fufu...what
we lovingly call "a giant glob of paste" in soup. It is the missionaries
most requested "last meal" for their farewell dinner at the mission home. We actually like small doses.
They DO know how to use spoons, but Fufu is traditionally eaten with the fingers.

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 A cool tree on the Temple grounds with a long, green ponytail.

We discovered this amazing plant with huge leaves while on a walk one morning.

We are so happy and blessed to be here!

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And now.........the rest of each picture from above.

#1 ~ A homemade visual aid we saw in an elementary school. We thought this was a great effort in lieu of commercial products which are typically not available here.
#2 ~ This is a main street in Takoradi after a heavy rain storm. We saw several stalled taxi's up to their axles in muddy water. Thank goodness we have a four-wheel drive truck. Elder J. was wishing he had a kayak.
#3 ~ A local bakery where they bake their bread in this wood-fired brick oven. A gunny sack is used for the door.

#4 ~ A local street vendor's egg display. Surprisingly, most are intact.

#5 ~ Elder J. found this incredibly beautiful moth (?) at the bottom of our stairs

#6 ~ Some of our elders bought and cooked a dog which they graciously shared with Elder J. Sister J. was not impressed. The small, black thing at the top of the plate is part of the inedible hide.

#7 ~ This is a Muslim Mosque not far from our home. They begin their call to prayer each morning over a loud speaker around 4:30 AM. If the wind is blowing our direction, it sounds like it's right outside our door!

#8 ~ While at a Zone activity on an island near Shama, some local fishermen were bringing in their net. So, all 14 of us joined in for an impromptu service project. 
#9 ~ A local "Chop Bar" (Ghanaian fast food) around the corner from the church where we attended a district meeting.

#10 ~ The back of a truck load of oranges. The local sellers unload their share by hand to sell in the markets.

 #11 ~ A young member at choir practice wearing one of the bracelets our granddaughters Kate, Ashley, Grace and Summer made and sent over.


#12 ~ Sister J. on the bow of a typical Ghanaian fishing boat

                #13 ~ Two grave markers found in a local cemetery. The landscaping is all natural.

We hope you had fun playing our little game as well as gaining some insights into the life and culture of our beloved Ghana. We love you!!!

Elder and Sister Julander


  1. just thought I would let you know I love reading your blog and seeing what's happening is Africa! :)

  2. I was going to guess that picture #1 was Elder Cooper Larsen after having the flu last week! Ha ha. Thanks for your fun blog. We were able to meet the Schiffmans and Shulzs this week at the Shulz's report. It was so great and we are looking forward to meeting you in the future as well. Keep up the good work!!