Friday, 12 December 2014

Week Two-B


We begin week 2, part B as we leave Ankasa Rain Forest to share more of our favorite areas in this beautiful country with our sons! It has been such a blessing having them here.

The following four pictures include some of the fun scenes which seem to magically appear everywhere we look. 

In addition to the cuties above (including the baby goat)....notice the wire cage on the porch. It is filled with cases of 1/2 liter bags of drinking water which sell for about seven cents each  Most of the locals (and the missionaries) chew off a corner & squirt it down. I never get tired of seeing the beautiful children who are always so excited to see the "Obrunis".  Our sons were all so incredible and fun as they interacted with the children. We all wish we could take a few home with us! 

The very unusual (and definitely African) entrance to the Axim Beach Resort


Beach-side restaurant and bar followed by five of our favorite Axim Beach shots..........

Elder J. in his seldom-seen beach attire..........but never without the name badge!

      Back in Sekondi we attended a combined Zone Conference with Pres. & Sis. Stevenson, Elder Curtis, West African Area Pres. & his wife, our 3 sons (taking the pics) and the rest of our favorite sons and daughters. We have quite a large and diverse family, don't you think? We love them dearly.

After the conference, we went to Vienna Beach to take some fun pics and eat very marginal pizza.

                                                                          ~               ~               ~      


Just three of the children who got the word that the Obruni "Mommie & Daddy" have "Toffee"......their word for suckers.

Cool pic (the next day) on our way to Cape Coast. We love seeing all the colorful scenery....and clothing.

         Shama Slave Castle

We experienced an added bonus at the castle. A funeral procession was in progress and we were able to get a few pictures. Funerals in Ghana are very happy (mostly intoxicated) celebrations of life. After arriving at the castle, we realized we wouldn't be leaving any  time soon....only one road in and out.... and packed with dancing and singing people of all ages.

 Black and red are the traditional colors for funeral attire. The coffin, lifted high, is "danced" through the streets. This picture was taken from the rounded, very steep front staircase of the castle.

These young boys in Shama had all made drums which they played for us. Great rhythm...and smiles.

Along the Cape Coast beach road....

........where Justin discovered some boys who had caught a monitor lizard and were selling it for food. Unfortunately, it was still alive. Protein in this country is quite expensive and hard to come by, so people sell (and eat) just about anything with meat on it.

We stayed the night in Cape Coast at the mission home, leaving the next day (Saturday) for the Accra airport where we said goodbye to Justin and Logan - and a wonderful week with three sons!

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