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We've had a lot of people ask us what we do here in Ghana. Well, we do a lot of different things, so we'll portray in pictures most of the things that occupy our time. This is not a comprehensive list, but we hope you get a better idea of what we're doing with our time.

Elders Affy, Ntlhaakgosi, and Cowan learn how to clean the stove.

Every transfer (6 weeks) we do "Apartment Checks", going to each of the 14 apartments in the Western Region and check to makes sure they are clean and well kept.

Elder Nielsen being "taught"

We have taken a little different approach, asking the missionaries to rate their cleanliness, and then taking time to teach
them the "doctrine" and the "principles" of cleanliness.

Elders Joseph, Barlow, Tu'akoi, & Nielsen

Then we commit them to improve in some areas.

Elder Price showing his "clean" bedroom to the skeptical Sister Julander.

 There are, of course, consequences if the missionaries don't comply. Resistance is futile.

Elder Pearmain assisting Elder Julander, or vice versa.

 The missionaries cook with propane, 
so we have been delivering tanks to the apartments when they are "finished"

Sister Fani assisting Elder J. She's stronger than I am.
Since most of the couples in the mission are leaving soon, this part of our job will be done by an individual in the area. We will not be sad to give up carting these cylinders around.

Elders Joseph & Tu'akoi can see themselves now.

We mix exercise with delivering items to the closer apts.

Installing a new countertop at Mpintsin apt.
Painting Shama apt. kitchen. It was the dark blue visible at the edge.

We occasionally get to do a major project in an apartment. We get to see the drastic change and enjoy making things nicer for these great missionaries we serve.

Word got out that Sister J cuts hair. These are some of her victims........
Elder Stoddard

Elder Nielsen

Elder McGuire
Elder Wasden

Elder Halterman

Elder Price

Elder Kaiser

She hasn't cut any of the sister missionaries hair. They have lots of wigs and weaves and such, and they have theirs done locally. Only one African elder has let her cut his hair. They like it done by the local barbers. The local barbers don't know what to do with the fine, straight hair of the Americans and Europeans, so Sister J is in demand with them.

Elder J. is a counselor in the mission presidency, and meets with the five branches in the Western Region. The branches don't get together for pictures very often, but here are two.

Last years picture of the Agona branch just before the Shulz's left to come home.

The Nkroful branch. The center couple (girl in blue) was just married.

                          Elder J gets to attend meetings, help solve problems, oversee audits, and other things, but his favorite is interviewing prospective missionaries, and members for temple recommends.

These are members of the Agona Nkwanta Branch going home after the Sunday meetings. We love the bright colors.


In every branch, there are wonderful missionaries. Here are six that served in the Axim Branch. Elders Thipe, Quaisie, Ofordeme, Labrum, Godvindsamy, and Hartman.

Agona primary.

We love the kids here. The branches have many, and primary is well attended. Often there are only two primary workers and kids range in age from 18 months to 11 years. In Axim they had 2 primary workers and over 35 kids. We were left alone with them for a few minutes, and it solicited feelings of abject fear.

Axim primary, where they all meet together in the same room for 2 hours.. Go ahead and count them. There were more lurking in the shadows, washrooms and asleep on the floor at the back. And only TWO adults! They have since divided them into the junior and senior primary with two adults each. We love these cute kids.

Elder J with the Relief Society president and two of the Laurels of the Axim Branch.

Sister & Elder Tetteh & Sister & Elder Adjei

 These two wonderful couples were called to serve as special missionaries in the Axim Branch. Both men have been bishops, and both still serve on the Takoradi Stake high council. Sister Adjei continues to serve as Relief Society president in her ward. They are a great strength to Axim with their unselfish service.

Quarterly training meeting with branch leadership

Elder J. handing Arthur Young his mission call. He is the 5th member of the Agona branch currently serving.
Number six is waiting for his call.

Sisters Kasim & Asare with their investigators after the baptismal interviews. Elder Baldwin did one, and I did the other.

Sisters Udoh & Fani with their investigator after a wonderful baptismal interview. The brother was interpreting for Elder J.
Elder J. with Sister Pricilla after she had opened her mission call. She's the first missionary called from the Axim branch

Elder J couldn't resist taking this picture. These are primary kids outside a home where he was interviewing. He labeled it "the future bishopric".

Elders Hanneman & Dearing with their baptismal candidate. He gave us these huge bananas from his tree.

Baptisms are such a joy, and they are plentiful here in Ghana.

Baptisms are sometimes difficult. The water was not flowing in Sekondi, and the font in the chapel had to be filled by hand from the cistern. Elder Williams and Elder Boamah are hard at work getting water to fill the font. A member was the only one willing to go into the cistern.

Elders Joseph, Halterman & Nielsen assist in filling the font. Even Elder J carried in buckets.

            Members in Agona survey the font prior to a baptism. The black tank in back stores water.

Elders Lucas & Omokoh with baptismal candidate

Elders Boama & Nielsen with Candidate

                 This is part A. Part B will follow as soon as we get a few moments.

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