Saturday, 25 April 2015


      Part C
                                                                                MISSIONARIES !!!
                                        (They are the most intelligent, good looking missionaries anywhere.)

   The next seven pictures were taken at combined district meetings and interviews with the president

Tarkwa.....our Zone in the bush.
              (2 hrs. away)

Part of the Takoradi Zone
With the Assistants: Elder Larsen (L.) & Elder Gqweta (R) who is determined not to smile.

Sekondi Zone.....back when it was still a zone. It was divided and assimilated into the Kojokrom and Takoradi Zones.

Some of the Tarkwa elders at the branch church, which is above the  missionary apartment.

                                                                                 Kojokrom Zone

Tarkwa Zone having lunch during the President's interviews and instruction from Assistants, Zone leaders & Sis. Stevenson.

Takoradi Zone P-Day activity where we went to
a technical college to support a member who was
taking his "final exam" to become a chef. Lunch
was great and he was grateful for the support.

Missionaries watching a movie after eating waffles and fruit at our house
during a preparation day district

Another district activity at our home. We have a projector so they can watch authorized moves on the big screen.

They always seem to leave happy, which is due largely to Sister J making goodies for them.

The Polynesian elders love to roast pigs over an open fire. Our 1st (and most likely our last) chance to experience adventures in Trichinosis.

As an invited guest, Elder J. was "honored" with the tail!

The meat was gently sliced on a table ... with a machete. The missionaries then grab the miscellaneous parts.

Our Polynesian culprits

Sekondi district....our closest neighbors....4 elders downstairs and 4 more within walking distance.

Also.....some of our goofiest neighbors!

Celebrating Elder Wilding's birthday
with "FanIce", Ghanaian ice cream.

                                                  Elders leaving our apartment after a P-day activity.

Lunch with Elders Hannaman & Dearing after Elder J did a baptismal interview

Sister Fani & Sister Udoh rejoicing after a "service project" to visit the "elderly".

Sister J. having an experience in "power" and flowing "city water" appreciation. "I can now say I know what the elders go through to do their laundry. Still, pretty spoiled for a third world country."

An elder....who decided he could survive on minimal water....and didn't like to shave.

Primary in Axim....2 hours in one room with 2 adults!!! How many can you count?

Fun and bright displays at market circle. It's always an adventure!

                           Sister J's patio garden....squash, peppers, tomatoes & beans, but nothing matured!

Preparing to leave for Enzulazu, a "stilt village" on the edge of a lake with our friends, the Smiths, from Accra.

                                                                    The boat ride on a canal to reach the village.

Very small and poor village, but fascinating.

The six senior couples in our mission had a "Goodbye to the Ivies" adventure. This is at the
Alma House, where we stayed, eating breakfast.

Cool view of the greater Accra area as we traveled to Boti Falls.

(Left and below) Boti Falls

             Sister & Elder Ivie, Julander, Miles, Hanlon, Seader (humanitarian) & Pres. & Sis. Stevenson

During the rainy season, the falls are larger and the pool below much deeper....thus, the warning sign!

We always take advantage of being in Accra to go to the temple. The large building to the right and  behind the temple is the West African Area office where many of the senior couples we love work.


  1. Everybody really look happy. What a great group of friends and missionaries. I love the pic. You're going to be crying big tears like hoses shooting water from your eyes when you leave

  2. I have loved seeing all these pictures of your day to day life! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Love you!